With our product, birds will fly the coop.

Our solution makes your life easier, reduces your boat-related maintenance and costs, and increases your boating time.

Gull Buster® Canopy System

Boat lifts are for boats, not birds.  Gull Buster® Canopy System is a simple way to keep your canopy bird-free.

The result?  You’ll have more fun boating and your canopy will last longer (not to mention smelling and looking better).

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How does it work?

The Gull Buster® Canopy System creates a barrier by suspending fishing line over your current canopy using four adjustable poles that attach to your boat-lift upright supports.  Because they can’t perch and rest comfortably, birds simply fly on by and leave droppings elsewhere.

 ***Added bonus:  you install it once and it can stay up for years!  It's possible to install and remove the canopy with the Gull Buster® Canopy System in place. 


Made of fishing line, brackets, and four lightweight poles, the Gull Buster® Canopy System adjusts to fit on most boat hoists.  Gull Buster® Canopy System is wind-resistant and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Click to go to installation info pageInstallation (no water acrobatics required)

The Gull Buster® Canopy System is easy to install. Unlike our competitors' products, you won’t need to maneuver your boat, or balance on a ladder in the water.  Everything is within your reach.  The entire system can be installed from your dock and within your boat while parked in the lift.

With the Gull Buster® Canopy System, you’ll never have to clean up bird waste again.  Our system protects your canopy so you can focus on more important things.  You know, like water-skiing.

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