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Why should I install a Gull Buster™ Canopy System?

Bird waste stinks, looks disgusting, and can damage your canopy. The Gull Buster® Canopy System does more than make your canopy look and smell better, it saves you money. Here's how:

Bird waste has a high concentration of uric acid. This acid stains and discolors your canopy, ultimately ruining your investment. By keeping your canopy clean, you’re saving hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars.

Hiring people to install similar systems can be expensive. Our system is easy to install yourself.

How does the Gull Buster™ Canopy System work?
The Gull Buster® Canopy System creates a barrier by suspending fishing line over your current canopy using four adjustable poles that attach to your boat lift upright supports. Because they can’t perch and rest comfortably, birds simply fly on by and leave droppings elsewhere.

How do I install the Gull Buster™ Canopy System?
On land, attach the fishing line to all four poles. When you’re ready, simply attach two poles to your boat lift from the comfort of your dock, then toss the remaining poles over your canopy and secure them from within your boat, safely parked in your lift.

Can I install the Gull Buster™ Canopy System by myself?

Yes. We developed this system to be easy to use. As boat owners, we know you just want your problems solved―period. Of course, if you have a second pair of hands to help, the Gull Buster® Canopy System is easier to install.

One of the best parts about the Gull Buster® Canopy System is that you don’t have to find a way to reach above your canopy: the entire installation can be done from your dock and inside your boat. Install once at the beginning of the season and keep birds away the entire summer.

Do I need a ladder to install the Gull Buster™ Canopy System?

No. Similar products from other companies require a ladder or a boat (removed from the lift) to install correctly. We think this is unsafe and very inconvenient.

Gull Buster® Canopy System is easy to install because everything is within your reach: you can install from your dock and in your boat while it’s parked in your lift.

Is the Gull Buster™ Canopy System harmful to birds?
Not at all. Once suspended over your canopy, our system interferes with the birds’ ability to land, motivating birds to fly over and find a more welcome perch elsewhere.

Does the Gull Buster™ Canopy System come with a warranty?
Yes, we have a limited lifetime warranty. Bird Free Zone, LLC, warrants Gull Buster® Canopy System hardware support rods to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and intended use. If defective, the support rods will be repaired or replaced at the option of Bird Free Zone, LLC, with a dated, proof-of-purchase receipt. Improper installation, unauthorized modification or damage that is the result of misuse voids this warranty.

How much does the Gull Buster™ Canopy System cost?
The Gull Buster® Canopy System is available for $149.

How do I order a system?

You can visit our ordering page, or call us at 651-329-2971.

How do I keep the poles from getting out of alignment?
How do I keep the poles from getting out of alignment?

Unless your boat lift is in the very protected area, wind and wave motion are going to be constantly shaking it.  This creates a lot of movement, which can loosen the screw holding the poles in position causing them to droop. This requires occasional readjustment of the pole angle. If this is becoming a weekly project, the easiest way to solve the problem is to get 14 inch hose clamps and place them around the brackets near the top where the pole emerges. Once they are tightened down this does an excellent job holding the pole at the proper angle. This is especially helpful in very windy settings.

We are in a very windy area. Is this a problem?
We are in a very windy area. Is this a problem?

No more than it is for your canopy.  If the wind is strong enough to bend the canopy frame (as happened to us once) the Gullbuster likely won’t survive either.  If you are in a generally windy area, wind and wave motion will be constantly shaking the lift.  This loosens screws, and makes the poles droop out of position.  If you place a hose clamp around the bracket near the top screw, and tighten securely, this should solve the problem.

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