Before and after installation of Gull Buster Canopy System

You should be having the party, not the seagulls.

If you own a boat, your good boating days are limited. When you finally get to the dock, the last thing you want to see is a bunch of seagulls sitting on your boat lift.

In case you haven’t noticed, seagulls travel in packs and like to party on boat canopies. The worst part? They leave half eaten fish and fish guts on your canopy and make an absolute mess. The disgusting mess and smell they leave behind (even if they drop by only once a summer) is intolerable.

To be blunt: you’ve got better things to do than clean bird droppings off your boat canopy. 

Call us crazy, but we think boat owners should be boating, not spending time and money cleaning their equipment. To reduce your boat-related maintenance (and blood pressure), we created the Gull Buster® Canopy System.

The Gull Buster® Canopy System keeps your canopy clean and bird-free so you can spend your time having fun. The best part? Gull Buster® Canopy System installs from your dock, no ladder required. Once you set it up at the beginning of the season, you’re set.

The seagull Gull Buster® Canopy System is easy to set up. Rugged plastic molded brackets are mounted to the canopy standards with adhesive backing and rugged, heavy duty tie wraps.  Adjustable poles are inserted into the brackets.  Fishing line is included to string between the poles in a rectangle and crossing corner to corner to make it uncomfortable for seagulls to land and take off.  The angle and length of the poles can be adjusted to set the correct height of the fish line above the canopy.  Once the poles are at the correct length, a simple twist locks them in place.

Customer comment: "The seagulls were making an absolute mess of my canopy last year.  It took me hours to power wash it off and it probably took years off of the fabric.  Then this year they were back for more.  Once I put the seagull Gull Buster® Canopy System up, I haven't seen a seagull.  Thank you for this effective product."

Why delay? Stop the seagulls from landing on your canopy!  Get the seagulls to take their party elsewhere: learn more about Gull Buster® Canopy System or Order today.

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